50 Pcs Celebration Set


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Gift your beloved ones with these modern pieces which are inspired by a special type of Arabic calligraphy, with its oblique lines and versatility of harmony. Our products are safely packed. The boxes are padded and wrapped to ensure your purchase is safe on its journey from Dimlaj to you, wherever you are in the world. All our decorations are made with food safe colors created from precious and organic materials.

Collection name: Deya
Materials: Glass, Colours, and Gold
Decoration Type: Gold, Colours
Color: Gold and Silver

Item Dimension (cm):
Stemware: Height 13.5, Diameter 7.9
Teacup: Height 9.6, Diameter 6.5
Tumbler: Height 13.6, Diameter 7.5
Sugar Bowl: Height 9.3, Diameter 10.2
Cawa Cup: Height 4.7, Diameter 6.3

Type of Packing: PVC

Packing Dimensions (cm):
Stemware: Height 13.5, Width 7, Length 27.6
Teacup: Height 9.1, Width 5.6, Length 44
Tumbler: Height 13.6, Width 13.7, Length 25
Sugar Bowl: Height 9.3, Width 10.2, Length 10.2
Cawa Cup: Height 4.7, Width 11.2, Length 23

Number of Pieces in Unit: 50 Pcs
Stemware: 12 Pcs
Teacup: 12 Pcs
Tumbler: 12Pcs
Sugar Bowl: 2 Pcs
Cawa Cup: 12 Pcs

Final Package Weight: 16 kg
Unit Weight: 13 kg

Suitable for Hot and Cold Beverages
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Care Instructions

-Do not use in dishwasher.
-Do not use in microwave.
-Crystal, Glass and Porcelain should be hand washed separately in warm soapy water, rinsed thoroughly and dried with a soft cloth.
-The finely made rims are the most fragile part of your product. Do not turn upside down while drying or storing.
-Stemware should be held by the stem in order to avoid stress on the bowl of a piece.
-Users should take care not to pour extremely hot or extremely cold liquids directly into glassware, as this can cause breakage or cracking.

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